Feedback Informed Treatment

Connecting with counselling can sometimes feel like an intimidating process. I believe people sometimes hesitate to connect with counselling because they are concerned they are going to be told what to do, and they have enough people in their daily life doing just that. Or they are concerned about being judged or criticized, or shamed …

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The Brain’s Negativity Bias

From Rick Hanson’s “Hardwiring Happiness: the New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm and Confidence”: The brain is an organ that learns, so it is designed to be changed by your experiences.  Whatever we repeatedly sense and feel and want and think is slowly but surely sculpting neural structure.  As you read this, in the five …

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Playing with Anxiety

People struggling with anxiety often want it to go away, which is understandable.  However this stance of ‘I don’t want this to be happening” is part of what gives Anxiety its power.  If you can accept what you are experiencing in the moment, then you are back in control.  A supportive message to yourself is …

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Getting Results in Therapy

I am trained in Feedback Informed Treatment, or ‘FIT’, which tracks therapeutic progress and solicits feedback from clients about what’s working and what isn’t in our sessions. Here is a short video regarding why this is important in therapy:

Radical Acceptance

It’s exhausting to fight reality, and it’s not an effective strategy for feeling better or moving forward.  “I can’t stand this”, “this isn’t fair”, “it shouldn’t be this way”, are thoughts that contribute to our suffering.  Pain is inevitable, but our thoughts can escalate our suffering, making things worse. Radical acceptance is about accepting life …

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