COVID-19 Gradual Re-Opening Protocol

JUNE 2020 UPDATE: While continuing to offer tele-behavioural health, for those who would prefer in-person appointments, I am beginning the process of gradual re-opening and wanted to let you know the precautions I am taking to keep all of us as safe as possible:

Here are some of the precautions the office is taking to protect everyone who enters the space, and the requests we are making of clients:

  • I have created an additional ‘informed consent’ form that asks you to confirm certain information regarding your current health and possible exposure to COVID-19, as well as taking certain steps to minimize risk and exposure. For example, please don’t attend at the office if you are showing any symptoms of illness, or if you have been on a plane, or outside of BC, in the past 14 days; or if you have been exposed to anyone who is currently sick or self-isolating in the past 14 days.
  • Please compete a self-assessment at before attending at the office;
  • The reception area is essential closed, there are 2 seats available for those with mobility issues, and clients are asked to call, text or email when they arrive at the building, before coming up to the office. I will invite you to continue up to the office once it’s been sanitized, and this will also limit the number of/crossing of people in the reception area;
  • Masks are not mandatory at this time, if you wish to wear a mask, please feel free to bring one of your own, I will try but can’t guarantee I will have non-medical masks in the office, as they have been quite hard to find recently.  If I do find them, and you would like one, they will be available to purchase ($1 each).
  • Myself and the other clinicians in the office maintain physical distancing.
  • Please sanitize your hands upon entry to this workplace, we have hand sanitizer on the reception table, and we have a hand washing sink, soap, paper towels and touchless garbage bins with lids;
  • We schedule and stagger appointments at specific intervals to minimize the number of people in the office at one time.
  • I am limiting the use of cash, and limiting the handling of credit cards; I have a point of sale device that allows Tap & Apple/Google Pay, and can still accept cards that must be inserted; the device is sanitized after each use;
  • I am limiting the use of communal items, clients are asked to bring their own pens, notepads, and tissues if possible; if a communal tissue box is used, it is sanitized after each session; clients are asked to take their garbage with them at the end of their session;
  • Refreshments are not being provided at this time, but clients are welcome to bring their own refreshment/beverage;
  • Office garbage is disposed of on a daily basis;
  • Individual offices are sanitized after each client and common areas are sanitized at the end of each day,
  • As tele-behavioural health is likely the ‘Tsunami of the the future’ I am continuing to offer tele-behavioural health as an option, in addition to in-person sessions.