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** JUNE 2020 COVID-19 UPDATE: For those who would prefer in-person appointments, I am beginning the process of gradual re-opening. I am now offering both in-person and tele-behavioural health sessions (telephone or internet counselling, I have received training in both modalities). To see more about the precautions I am taking to keep all of us as safe as possible, please check out my ‘COVID-19 Gradual Re-Opening Protocol’ page.

Many misconceptions exist regarding psychology and counselling, for instance, you don’t have to talk about your past or blame everything on your mother.

While it can be beneficial to reflect on your earlier life experiences, the purpose is never to cast blame, but rather to understand what you lived through, the meaning you made of it, how you’ve coped with it, and how it continues to negatively intrude on your life.

With the help of these insights, people discover opportunities to try on new ways of thinking, behaving and managing feelings.

As you browse around my website you will notice there are many resources listed in addition to a blog, which is simply food for thought.

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You may get in touch by calling me at 604-888-9294 or sending me an email at shannon@simmscounselling.com

** Here are a multitude of free resources being offered by one of my favourite Psychologists, Dr. Rick Hanson, who teaches us how to use our brain ‘for us’ rather than ‘against us’: ‘Being Resilient During Coronavirus’ https://www.rickhanson.net/being-resilient-during-coronavirus/

**Many people I speak to are struggling with a lack of things to do during our current semi-lockdown state, here’s a list of pleasant events during Coronavirus: https://blog.zencare.co/big-list-of-pleasant-activities-coronavirus/

**And a list of free things that weren’t free before Coronavirus: https://www.npr.org/2020/03/20/818670715/getting-bored-heres-a-list-of-free-things-that-werent-free-before-coronavirus

**Here’s a short video which explains ‘exponential growth’ and the time it takes for the number of cases of the virus to double – which is why physical distancing and keeping your social bubble small, continues to be important, to continue managing the spread of the virus and not overwhelm our health care system: https://www.pbs.org/video/what-this-chart-actually-means-for-covid-19-ybsbtd/?fbclid=IwAR3vT0Em-QSKES9rLjkzwLBXF74FV4wRLVkbnzRPc6dJcfZqF5yyx9t-vdY