Is Remote Counselling Effective ?

In March 2020, the novel coronavirus resulted in ‘stay at home’ orders and business closures across our Country, and across the world.   Many support services have migrated to and remain online only, which is still a challenge for some, as technology and its related costs are a ‘privilege’, it is not in everyone’s budget.  I …

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How Do Clients Succeed In Therapy

From “Heartwounds” by Dr. Tian Dayton: how can counselling help ? “Clients who succeed in therapy exhibit or acquire certain qualities: (1) they are able to self-reflect – that is, they look at their own thinking, feeling, and behaviour and have enough emotional distance from their self-identification so that they see themselves realistically. (2) They take their own …

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Feedback Informed Treatment

Connecting with counselling can sometimes feel like an intimidating process. I believe people sometimes hesitate to connect with counselling because they are concerned they are going to be told what to do, and they have enough people in their daily life doing just that. Or they are concerned about being judged or criticized, or shamed …

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Getting Results in Therapy

I am trained in Feedback Informed Treatment, or ‘FIT’, which tracks therapeutic progress and solicits feedback from clients about what’s working and what isn’t in our sessions. Here is a short video regarding why this is important in therapy: