Remote Counselling Options Available

While ‘in-person‘ sessions are the optimal counselling environment (in my opinion), we are not all cut from the same cloth, and this format does not match everyone’s preference. In the spirit of working collaboratively with clients, and being open and flexible to their preferred way of connecting, I have received training in both Telephone and Web-Based counselling.

For those who would prefer in-session appointments, as of mid-May I have started the process of gradually re-opening the office. I am now offering both in-person and ‘virtual sessions’ (telephone or web-sessions). I am grateful for this technology which allows me to connect with folks during this time of continued physical distancing. To see more about the precautions I am taking to keep all of us as safe as possible, please check out the ‘COVID-19 Gradual Re-Opening Protocol’ page :

Heightened anxiety, depression and fear are understandable at this time, and they have a tendency to cloud and narrow our thinking. Counselling doesn’t make problems disappear, it does help to:

  • put things in perspective, and generate options & possibilities;
  • ground ourselves in the present and learn how to regulate our nervous system, focusing on what we can control;
  • honour and process our emotions, which helps them feel manageable rather than overwhelming;
  • reconnect with effective coping strategies that may have fallen away, and/or add more strategies to our existing repertoire.